Posted by: DigitalPlato | August 13, 2009

Best Rock Concert/Films

In honor of Woodstock—which happened 40 years ago this weekend—and the “seminal documentary” that captured it, John Farr shares his list of the 10 best rock concert/performance films—all of which are “meant to be played loud,” he writes on the Huffington Post. “So crank it!”

A Hard Day’s Night (1964):
“The disarming charisma and spontaneous energy of the Beatles made no traditional plot necessary. It was sufficient to portray a day in the life of the world’s most talked about rock band.”
Gimme Shelter (1970): This documentary covering “the soon-to-be-infamous free Rolling Stones concert at Altamont” captures “a tumultuous moment in our popular culture, and a turning point in the history of rock.”
Elvis: That’s The Way It Is (1971): “Elvis still looks (and sounds) terrific in this docu-portrait of the Memphis legend’s bid for glitzy Vegas glory.”
The Last Waltz (1978): Martin Scorsese’s coverage of The Band’s final 1976 tour is “often hailed as the greatest concert movie ever,” and “it may just be.”
Bob Dylan: No Direction Home (2005): “Scorsese fashions a masterful portrait of a pivotal crossroads in Dylan’s career” with “this intimate, insightful film.”
Neil Young: Heart Of Gold (2006): “It’s obvious he’s enjoying himself, and his between-song banter is tart, concise, and utterly charming. If you don’t come away from Heart of Gold humming, you better have your ears checked.”
For the complete list, click the link below. —Evann Gastaldo
Source: Huffington Post



  1. thx your mucis Rock

    • Hi R Sijen,
      Rock on man! thanks.

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