Posted by: DigitalPlato | September 20, 2009

Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones Reinvestigation

If Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones was indeed murdered, the big Q is WHY?

‘It’s been 40 years since Brian Jones’ body was discovered in a swimming pool—but police are reviewing the death of the Rolling Stones’ co-founder in the wake of “new evidence” that he was murdered, the Daily Mailreports. An investigative journalist provided police some 600 pages of documents on the musician’s death; they may open a new probe if they find sufficient evidence in the case.
In the past, the police have refused calls for a new investigation. “There is no time limit on the review. But after 40 years of mystery, anyone who values Brian’s reputation will be happy to wait for the outcome,” says the investigative journalist. Officially, the 27-year-old drowned while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, though the latter wasn’t found in his system, and the post-mortem report showed he had drank just 3.5 pints of beer. —Matt Cantor SOURCE: Daily Mail (UK)


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