Posted by: DigitalPlato | May 22, 2010

Axl Rose Sues Former Manager

Axl sues for two reasons: Azoff tried to reunite Guns N’ Roses and also used Axl’s real name.

‘Axl Rose really, really does not want see Guns N’ Roses reunited, and he’s suing his former manager for allegedly attempting to do just that. Irving Azoff mishandled both the promotion of Chinese Democracy and the tour dates for Rose’s current band, the suit claims, all in an effort to force Rose to stage a GNR reunion tour—because, of course, he “would have no choice,” financially-speaking.

‘So, basically, writes Lane Brown in New York, Azoff is being sued for “trying to make the singer come to his goddamn senses.” Azoff’s other offense: daring to use Rose’s real name, William Bailey, when he filed a lawsuit against him in March—even though Azoff knows that name “carries significant emotional damage.” When asked about Rose’s lawsuit, Azoff said he would discuss it “in my upcoming book, My Life With William Bill Bailey.” -New York

Now suddenly, this smells of a publicity stunt.


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