Posted by: DigitalPlato | February 3, 2013

Top Books Written by Famous Musicians

Jimmy Buffett should be on this list

Feeding Frenzy: Jimmy Buffett Live!

Feeding Frenzy: Jimmy Buffett Live! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Now and then, an artist of particularly notability will make a transition in their field, jumping from one art form to another. Though this is relatively rare, it is getting less so- and whether it be painters trying their hand at music or a ballet dancer venturing into the world of sculpture, crossovers of this kind can produce some pretty unexpected results. Here’s a look at some musicians who have created widely celebrated works of literature…’

December 30 really rocked for me. More precisely, rocked me. I discovered 3 things all at once. First, the importance of getting out to the real world and meeting real people (again). I still didn’t want to attend our family reunion but I realized that one of us might suddenly return to the spirit world. Too many of my loved ones departed with me not meeting them for a long time and it had become too painful — and worse, burdensome to conscience. I never want that to happen again.

I also discovered today that I could still jam good with professional musicians even though I haven’t played the guitar for 9 really long years. It was really a rush feeling alive again!

The third discovery is still a big mystery to me. I discovered that another dear friend, Rene Rivas, has departed — my first social network friend to die. He had been posting digital evidence on Facebook that a friend had returned to our Philippines — and then the family of that friend proved that he’s still abroad. I wondered later how my mind coped with all these sudden discoveries. Info overload. Wow. Special THANKS to my cousins Agnette, Cyrus, and Dod.



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